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 How We’re Cheating at Forex


Dear Crafty Trader,

With all the fancy ways of trading it’s easy to forget there’s actually an easy way to CHEAT…

Not another robot or some intense 6 week training course, just an easy way to make some cash.

Moving house, a daughter getting married or outfitting your new boat, sometimes you’re just too busy to try anything complicated, right? That’s when you need a simple, PROVEN system, something so simple and easy you can do it in your spare time, with your eyes closed!

You can try and devise such a thing yourself but now you don’t need to, because we’ve already found it for you – “Andrew’s Forex System”.

Who’s Andrew? Who cares? Fact is, this guy has literally HUNDREDS of glowing testimonials and good reviews from Ebay! You can’t do that by accident, so check it out here:

So is it some kind of ninja under-the-radar type stuff? Hardly, it’s just a rock-solid system that EARNS, and does so consistently!

If you’ve been trading a long time and you’re tired of the fancy stuff, or if you’re new and want a solid start with something that works, check it out. 
I’ve tried it, my ‘crew’ have been playing with (and raving about) it so I thought I’d share.

And did I mention it’s dirt cheap? Seriously bargain territory, right here:


It’s not glamorous and it’s not meant to be, in fact my brother described it as “an honest way to cheat”, which about sums it up nicely!

Try it out, because sometimes making some money is all the glamour you need…